New Programme at VUU

Postgraduate Diploma Business Administration and Executive MBA

This new programme at VUU is intended for working professionals who need to update and consolidate the skills necessary to operate in the fast-changing business world of today. The courses offered in the programme build on participants’ existing professional skills, and constitute an advanced study of best business practices both in the African and international contexts.

The demand for competent and creative business leaders and managers who will take business practice to the next level in the African context is undisputed today given the situation and realities on the ground. Transforming existing business practices will not happen overnight but will happen when sufficient numbers of business professionals adhere to best business practices. African business practices 3.0 will not only make business practices more efficient in terms of human and financial resources, but will also have a knock-on effect in terms of the region’s social and economic development.

The programme builds on existing skills to ensure that resulting practices are taken to the next level. All courses in the programme are built to ensure that local realities are taken into account while at the same time looking to international best practices to bring business realities and practices in the region into line with international standards and practices.

One competitive advantage of this programme is that it acknowledges the fact that business executives lead busy lives and need the flexibility to study at their own pace and in their own time. The second competitive advantage is that the programme tutors are sourced globally with a mix of strong practical and academic skills so that best business practices are at the heart of this programme which is offered entirely online so that busy professionals can access learning materials 24/7.

All courses in the programme will not only focus on the new and emerging technologies available today that enhance and facilitate best business practices but also on professionalism and ethical decision-making in order to take business practices to the next level.

The practicum – which takes the place of a dissertation at Executive MBA level allows programme participants to test drive their new skills in the real business world.

Programme Objective

The overall aim of the programme is to develop a cadre of dynamic, creative, and highly-trained business professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about change in existing business practices in the East Africa region.

Target Group

The target group is comprised of graduate professionals who have three-five years working experience and who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills through online study.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises eleven courses taken over two calendar years, with approximately two months for each course. It is envisaged that students will spend eight hours study per week, in addition to one Live Classroom session, with sufficient opportunity to participate in Chat Sessions with tutors on a weekly basis.

PGDBA / EMBA Programme Structure*

PGDBA 101 Strategic Leadership and Management Skills 3 CU
PGDBA 102 Managing People in Organizations 3 CU
PGDBA 103 Corporate Governance and Integrity 3 CU

PGDBA 104 Financial Management 3 CU
PGDBA 105 Strategic Procurement Management 3 CU
PGDBA 106 Contemporary Marketing Strategies and Practices 3 CU
PGDBA 107 Putting the e into Business: Technology Management 3 CU
PGDBA 108 Accounting for Management 3 CU
PGDBA 109 Operations Management Skills 3 CU
PGDBA 110 Creative Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 CU

* These individual courses may also be taken as stand-alone certificate courses as part of Continuous Professional Development. Any of the three parts of the programme may also be taken as postgraduate certificate courses.

Continuation to Master’s Practicum

On successful completion of the courses leading to a PG Diploma in Business Administration, having gained a CGPA of 3.0 and above in the taught courses, and passing an interview, candidates may be invited to register as a Master’s candidate and proceed to embark on the practicum which will be guided by a regional / international expert in the field of study chosen.

EMBA 201 Practicum 6 CU

Total Credit Units Executive MBA: 39 CU
Core Teaching Staff

Professor Dr Victor van Reijswoud, Professor ICT and eLearning, VUU
Professor Dr Douglas Nisbet, Royal Gordon University
Mr Patrick Mugambe, Uganda Management Institute
Professor Dr Deirdre Carabine, Virtual University of Uganda
Professor Dr Michel Lejeune, Virtual University of Uganda

Our teaching staff have been recruited on the basis of both academic and hands-on business experience and together they have accumulated more than 150 years experience in academic and business life. Other teaching staff are being recruited in the East Africa region so that we give our students a truly global perspective on world business today.

Reading Materials
VUU hosts an Open Access library on its Moodle Platform with over 50 million up-to-date databases, resources, and full-text ebooks.


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